Authentic BBQ flavors, crafted in seriously
small batches with
WNY ingredients.

Why “42”?

When it comes to BBQ flavors, your place on the map matters. The “42” identifies the latitude of Buffalo, New York. While each flavor is inspired by different regions and BBQ capitals of the country, every bottle is crafted right here in Buffalo, New York, using as many WNY ingredients as possible, making it something uniquely our own.

Our Story

From the heart of South Buffalo, Que 42 was created by award-winning pitmaster Eammon Azizi and Bridget Thornton. The mission is to craft authentic flavors from America’s BBQ capitals, with a Western New York twist. The approach is to add as many layers of flavor possible, so that every bite is like sipping a fine wine or bourbon. Made for BBQ and much more, these sauces and rubs are great on veggies, potatoes, and tofu. Proud to use only natural ingredients, without fillers, high fructose syrup, and never added preservatives.

For grilling tips and techniques, follow Eammon:


Que 42 KC Sauce Bottle

An award-winning recipe that delivers the traditional flavors America’s BBQ capital is famous for. A complex layering of sweet and savory, plus a satisfying kick. Brush on chicken, pork, burgers, or turkey near the end of a cook. Also enjoy as a dipping sauce.

Que 42 Carolina Sauce Bottle

This sauce pays respect to the traditional flavors of the Carolina region, blending vinegar with sweetness and spices, championed by a punch of mustard. Tangy, savory, slightly sweet, it’s perfect for pork, chicken, and turkey. Also enjoy as a dipping sauce.

Que 42 KC Rub Bottle

Well-balanced flavor that hits on every note, starting with a satisfying sweetness, given depth from smoky paprika and earthy spices, complemented by a hint of heat from chili and cayenne peppers. Delicious on pork, chicken, beef, and turkey.

Que 42 Texas Rub Bottle

This one starts with a wakeup call from one of WNY’s favorite coffee roasters. Followed by the traditional Texas combo of salt, pepper, garlic, onion, and spices. Creates that one-of-a-kind char on brisket, steaks, and roasts. Also great on turkey.


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Excited to announce that our latest batch, number 009, has finally landed! When we say we craft our sauces and rubs in small batches, we mean it. 

The biggest difference from 008 to 009 is the thickness of the mustard sauce. We brought back coarsely ground mustard seeds to the recipe, which makes it 💯 the thicker texture we want. 

You’ll start to see these both on the shelf together, so you can compare batches and choose your favorite. If you’re buying online, there are only a couple more cases of 008 before this latest batch takes over. 

We are excited to hear what you think. 

You can find all of our flavors on the shelf at Valint’s Butcher Shop! 
25 Central Ave. in Lancaster, NY. They have an incredible selection of sausages and super high quality pork, beef and chicken. Plus that old school butcher shop service & charm. 

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Batch 009 was cooked and bottled today! The big difference is that we’ve added back those freshly ground mustard seeds. You’ll see the bits in the KC sauce, and the mustard sauce will be thicker and bolder. 
Should start to see this batch on shelves and available in the coming weeks! 

#bbq #bbqsauce
When grilling with our Carolina and KC sauce, you’ll want to brush it on when you have 5-15 minutes left on the cook. Or if you’re smoking meat, it can go a little longer. The blast of heat will caramelize the honey and natural sugars, and absorb some smoky flavor, leaving a beautiful shine with as much richness and char as you’d like. 

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Check out these July 4th cooks, using Que 42 rubs and sauces. 
First are Beef “Dino” Ribs, smoked by former Buffalo Bills guard Jerry Ostroski. (@oskibig) He used our Texas Brisket Rub to get that amazing bark in a Hasty Bake smoker. 
Next, @tolley_02 smoked a rack of firecracker 🧨 ribs using our KC Rub. 
Finally DuffWNY on Twitter smoked a pork butt and Turkey 🦃 breast using our KC rub and finished with our KC style sauce. 

Excellent work! 

#bbq #grilling #bbqrub #bbqsauce #july4th
In celebration of a perfect grilling weekend, here is a collection of great photos you all have shared with us. 
And through the weekend, use the discount code HAPPY4TH to save 10% off any order. 

Keep on sharing those grilling pics. 

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When we say our KC Rub is great on just about anything, we mean it. We’ve had people telling us how awesome it is on breakfast potatoes, pizza, veggies and bacon. 
Here it is being sprinkled on tempeh, and then seared over coals. The raw sugar caramelizes for a delicious crust, while the paprika and other spices add depths of flavor. 
We also sprinkled it on a grilled panzanella salad. 

Keep sharing and letting us know the different ways you’re having fun with this crowd-pleasing rub. 

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Look what’s back in stock, thanks to our official first big run of rubs! Blended and bottled for us just a short drive up the road,  here in New York. 

Get yours at - and of course our sauces are in stock as well. 

The KC rub goes on just about anything. The Texas coffee rub is perfect on any beef, especially steaks and brisket. 
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